10 Best Diet Plans for 2019 According to Science- Follow for a Healthy Life

If you ever have been confused about what not to eat to maintain health, you are not alone. Everyone here is searching for the best diet plan to live the healthiest as possible.

5 years ago
10 Best Diet Plans for 2019 According to Science- Follow for a Healthy Life

What is your New Year resolution? A big No to junk foods and to eat a proper diet to maintain good health? But have you ever wondered which diet plan is the healthiest? There are so many diet plans out there, so deciding which one is the best is tough.

Diet plans are helpful and a great resource for those looking to put on or to lose weight. When you choose one diet plan over other, think, do the meals satisfy your taste or do they fit well in your budget, or if the plan has alternatives for sensitivities?

According to a study, diet plan and weight loss can only be successful if there’s peer support. Most diet plans fail because of the dieter’s inability to stand to their commitment. So, before you check on the best diets for 2019, make sure you keep your commitment and incorporate the diet plan into your lifestyle for long-term.

Following a diet plan does not mean that you have to buy extraordinary foods to maintain health. Some foods in your kitchen are extremely nutritious and can surprise you in many ways. Here are some diet plans that you should follow in 2019.

1. The Mediterranean Diet Plan

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What makes the Mediterranean Diet so great? It does not involve the traditional weight loss diet plan; instead, the Mediterranean diet is all about enjoying food, indulging in delicious dishes and savoring the flavors of desserts. The Med diet is rich in vegetables, healthy fatty foods like olive oil and nuts, pulses, seafood, meat, and veggies.

While there is no limitation on this diet plan, the foods in it help in both weight loss and strengthening bones. People following the Mediterranean diet have positive effects on cardiovascular risk factors including cholesterol and high blood pressure. If you are planning to follow a healthy diet, there are several Mediterranean diet recipes on the internet. Start the med diet by eating healthy fats like olive oil, fruits, unrefined whole grain foods multiple times a day.

2. Crash Diet Plan

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A crash diet is a low-calorie diet where you eat for a short period with the aim of achieving rapid results. While crash diet plan is tempting as it offers quick results, it has drawbacks too. It may lead to metabolic disorders and malnutrition. The diet plan does not include all sufficient nutrients and may result in health complications like gallstone and ketosis.

You might be wondering after so many drawbacks how it can be the best diet for 2019?

Well, the crash diet is beneficial for medical complications which need a low-calorie diet. It instantly reduces calorie consumption and helps the body burning fat. It is also affordable as it needs little food for a short period. Also, weight loss exercises take time to reduce weight;  a crash diet sheds pounds of weight in a week.

3. Gout Diet Plan

Source = Arthritis

Have you ever heard about the Gout? It is a painful form of arthritis that is associated with the high levels of uric acid in the blood. The elevated levels of uric acid can cause pain and swell the joints. A proper gout diet plan helps in decreasing the uric acid in the blood. It helps you in achieving a healthy weight and the diet that controls uric acid levels. Although people having gout are advised to avoid proteins with high purine such as shellfish and bacon, they can still eat foods with lower purine content.

4. DASH Diet Plan

Source = Berkeleylife

You will be surprised to know, neither keto nor low-carb diet is leading on the board, and instead, DASH diet tops the list of best diet plans in 2019. DASH, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, stresses on all types of food including seeds, low-fat dairy, seafood, and omega-3 filled fatty fish.

This diet plan tells you to cut down the sodium intake and to focus on foods that are rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The DASH diet plan is recommended for those having high blood pressure. Beyond reducing blood pressure, it also reduces cancer risk and benefits in weight loss. Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage or spinach are the great weight loss foods which can also be used as salad dressing. Choose bread, cereals, lemon, light yogurt, and cashews to keep weight off.

5. Mind Diet Plan

Source = Clevelandclinic

The combination of DASH and Mediterranean diet or commonly known as Mind diet stresses the intake of fruits and legumes. The Mind diet plan promotes a healthy mind and creates a dietary pattern that reduces dementia.

Research has shown that Mind diet helps in reducing heart disease, diabetes and also lower blood pressure. If you are diabetic, include green leafy vegetables, berries, olive oil and fish in your regular diabetic diet plan for faster results. While there is no quick action for preventing cognitive decline, food experts like how the Mind diet combines two diet strategies.

6. WW (Weight Watchers) Diet

Source = Timeinc

WW or Weight Watchers Diet is recommended as the best diet for weight loss. It is ranked 4 in best diets overall and is the most popular weight loss programs in the world. The watcher’s diet offers people to choose from over 250 foods including skinless chicken, no-fat plain yogurt, turkey breast, tofu and more. You will be surprised to know that weight watchers have gained more than 700,000 new subscribers in 2017-18 alone.

The program follows the SmartPoints System which assigns different points to foods based on several factors such as fat and sugar contents. Initially, the dieters are given points based on their height, gender, and weight-loss goals. For instance, healthier foods have low points while unhealthy foods have high points. This new weight loss program encourages the dieters to make healthy choices instead of preferring junk foods. This program promises to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

What’s more amazing is this diet plan offer food with no limits. If you are drooling for pizza, have it. The diet plan guides you towards a healthy portion so that you can tweak the recipes in meals in the healthiest way.

7. Flexitarian Diet

Source = Universityhealthnews

The Flexitarian diet is an amazing combination of the two words – vegetarian and flexible. This diet plan encourages eating plant-based foods with animal products like meat in moderation. Flexitarian diet is an ideal choice for those looking to eat more plant-based foods, but don’t want to cut meat in their meal. The Flexitarian diet plan focuses more on protein from plants instead of animals. It allows you to eat fruits, whole grains, and legumes.

The diet plan is flexible and thus a popular choice of millions looking to eat healthier. According to a study, over 50,000 adults following a vegetarian diet had a 35% lower risk of heart diseases. It improves overall health and also lowers the rate of cancer. The prescribed diet plan for a flexitarian diet is not at all time-consuming. It allows flexibility so that you don’t have to stick to the diet plan all day.

8. Salad Diet

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Do you want to replace your meal with salads? Do you prefer a bowl of salad over junk foods? That’s great! But sometimes, the fruits you consume over a regular meal are not truly healthy. The truth is not all foods you take are good for health. For instance, broccoli which you find healthy is not a great option for a regular meal because it causes excessive gas and bloating. Coconut is high in saturated fat, contains a high amount of sugar and increases blood cholesterol. Thus, it puts you on the risk several heart diseases.

So, if you are looking for something exotic to add in your meal, add leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, and foods rich in vitamins A, C, and K. Add a bowl full of legumes or beans which are the great source of protein in your meal. Fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and avocado add a natural sweetness to the recipe. If the above fruits are not your choice, go for citrus fruits which are a powerful source of Vitamin C. Drink lemon or orange juice or add them in the salad dressings for more natural flavor. If you are serious about your health this year, prefer salad diet over a regular meal.

9. The Carnivore Diet

Source = Bulletproof

If you are a non-vegetarian, include red meat and steak as the main source of your food. You are not eating plant-based foods, so it is necessary to add calories enough to stay fit. Here’s what you can add to your carnivore diet. Apart from meat, many things can be included in the diet plan. Lard, water, fish, organ meats, bone-broth are common foods suggested for a carnivore diet.

This diet plan includes protein and zero carbohydrates. Although meat is considered disease-inducing, it is rich in minerals like zinc, iron and vitamin B which cannot be ignored. The carnivore diet improves digestion and mental clarity. Moreover, consuming meat as only food in diet loses weight easily. If you are busy and do not get enough time to prepare a meal, then eating only meat can be a great way to shed weight.

10. Diet Plan for Diabetics

Source = Webmd

Do you know according to a study, 6 out of 10 people are diabetic? Today, diabetes is a common problem noticed in adults and people of 50-70 age. Both physical activity and nutritional food should be an important part of your lifestyle if you are a diabetic. How much you eat, what you eat and when you eat, all are important to be balanced when you have to manage your sugar level.

You might be worrying that having diabetes means you will not be allowed to enjoy different meals. But the good news is that you can eat your favorite foods but in small proportions. A regular diabetic plan includes skinless turkey, eggs, dry fruits (in moderation), beans and legumes. Having diabetes shouldn’t stop you enjoying dinner with your family. Remember a few things when you go out for dinner.

  • Choose not to eat bread, instead eat fresh fruits or unsalted nuts before you go out.
  • Ask for baked foods when you search for the fried options in the menu.
  • Avoid heavy or sugar-rich desserts, and select your favorite fruits at the end of a meal.

The Bottom Line

When designing a diet plan for several diseases, it is important to know the results of nutrients on your body. Sometimes highly restrictive diets backfire, and you may miss out essential nutrients. So, before you check out for the best diet plans in 2019, think what works best for you.

Healthy living is an amazing mix of good nutrition, positive attitude, and regular exercise. So take care of your body at fullest and feel proud if you are improving both your physical and mental health.

For more tips and healthy diet plans, follow eating guides and ask experts to stick to your health resolutions.


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