10 Fruits That Taste More Like a Dessert - Have You Tasted Any Yet?

Do you love ice cream but don’t want to risk your health? If so, try these fruits that are healthy and most importantly taste like ice cream.

5 years ago
10 Fruits That Taste More Like a Dessert - Have You Tasted Any Yet?

What do you think- does ice cream have the same nutritional properties as fruits? No, right? Ice creams are high in sugar, fat and increase the risk of heart disease. But what if I say there are several edibles similar to chocolate and vanilla that are rich in nutrients? No, they are not prepared from milk and flavors; instead, certain fruits taste more like a dessert.

 Yes, nature surprises us in many ways. But sometimes, it surprises us in the form of fruits that are unimaginably exotic and delectable. Not all ice creams are prepared from milk and other flavors, but a few also grow on trees. So, check out the list of the fruits that taste more like a dessert.

Are you all ready to indulge in the fruits that are healthy and delicious at the same time? Here we go! 

Fruits That Are Served More as a Dessert

1. Blue Java Bananas or Ice Cream Bananas

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What would be your reaction if I say I don’t like bananas, but I love eating blue bananas? Blue bananas, yes, you read it right. Though there are over hundreds of variety of bananas, Ice cream banana or Blue Java is the tastiest of all. The fruit itself is creamy and moist.

It is grown and eaten all around the world but is famous for its taste like a vanilla ice cream. But if you want to get your hands on the blue bananas, you might have to travel Fiji, California and Central America. For a refreshing treat, serve Blue bananas as a dessert, fruit or create a new ice cream+fruit recipe for your guest and impress them with your cooking skills. Taste the Blue Java, and you will know why it is a great alternative to vanilla ice cream.

So tell us have you ever tasted blue bananas?

2. Durian

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Would you eat a fruit that smells likes sweaty socks or rotten onions, but tastes like an almond ice-cream? Yes or No? Durian, King of fruits as referred by people in Southeast Asia, is exotic for many reasons. It is one of the smelliest fruits that are rich in nutrients. It acts as a natural antidepressant, helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and also delays aging. Durian is popular for its unique fragrance and custard-like taste.

It is slightly oval and covered with spikes. Due to its bad smell, the fruit is banned across all types of public transportation to let you know that they don’t carry passengers who are likely to transport the smelly fruit.

So next time if you are looking for something unique in dessert, freeze Durian and blend with a little milk to make ice cream. Did I mention that eating ice cream for breakfast makes you intelligent

3. Cupuacu

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Cupuacu fruit is rich in nutrients with amazing benefits. The fruit not only tastes unique but also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, selenium and more. Found in the Amazon forest, Cupuacu tastes like chocolate and is all set to become the next superfood in the US. The white pulp of the fruit is described as a mix of pineapple and chocolate and is majorly used in sweets and desserts. 

If you are a chocolate lover and love experiencing different tastes of chocolate, try Cupuacu juice or smoothie in your next meal. Do you know Cupuacu seeds are very beneficial and are given to people to cure their abdominal pain? It is also used in weight loss and in boosting the immune system. 

How amazing it is to find a fruit that tastes more like dessert and also serves as medicine to human problems! 

4. Black Sapote

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Black Sapote or popularly known as chocolate pudding fruit are majorly used in making desserts like ice cream and mousse. Use Black Sapote with fruits like lemons and orange to give more natural flavor and to give a nice filling for pies.  

In the Philippines, the fruit is deseeded, and the pulp is served with citrus juices and orange or mixed with milk and nutmeg for pudding. The fruit once ripe can be refrigerated for three to four days. You will be surprised to know that the Mexicans mash the pulp of Black Sapote and mix it with brandy and serve it with cream as an adult dessert. 

It also offers health benefits like, it maintains the fluid-electrolyte balance, and controls the heart’s electrical activity. The fruit is a healthy alternative that tastes delicious and is a preferred choice of chocolate lovers.

5. Cherimoya

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Cherimoya has a unique fragrance and delicious taste. The heart-shaped fruit has a beautiful green exterior and resembles a custard apple. It is naturally sweet and has a fleshy texture. It contains essential nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals. The fruit is a rich source of B-complex vitamins and has been found to have anti-cancer properties. 

Cherimoya is a great alternative for pineapple-mango ice cream, cut it in half and dig your spoon directly into it and you will experience an amazing combination of both the fruits into it. 

If you decide to try this healthy mix of fruit and ice cream, allow Cherimoya to ripen at normal temperature and then refrigerate it. 

6. Ice Cream Bean

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Similar in flavor to the vanilla ice cream, the fruit is a low-calorie alternative and a great source of nutrients. Ice cream bean looks similar to a tamarind pod and is surrounded by a juicy white pulp that tastes like a vanilla ice cream. Apart from delicious taste, the fruit also helps in treating nerve problems, lowers bad cholesterol, and boosts immunity. 

When you split the ice cream bean, it looks like cotton candy but tastes like a vanilla ice cream. Because of its unique taste, the fruit is very popular in South America. Next time when you visit South America, buy Ice cream bean and enjoy this scrumptious fruit as a dessert or a pudding. 

7. Canistel

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Canistel or eggfruit is an evergreen tree cultivated in Belize, El Salvador, and southern Mexico. The fruit can be eaten raw or can be blended with milk and other ingredients like custards to make a shake. It tastes like a creamy custard and sometimes enjoyed with pepper, salt, and mayonnaise.

 Just like other fruits, Canistel is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. It contributes to several health benefits like, reduces the levels of bad cholesterol, lowers the risk of diabetes, increases joint mobility, regulates blood sugar level and more.  The fruit is also a great source of fiber and promotes a healthy digestive system.

If you are looking for something exotic and unique dish to impress your guest, mix the fruit in cake or prepare a smoothie and serve your guests.

8. Mangosteen

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Rich in anti-carcinogenic properties, Mangosteen tastes like a mixture of peaches and cream. The fruit is majorly found in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The outer part of the fruit is thick and inside is sweet. The white segments inside the fruit look similar in design as that of orange.

The potassium content in fruit helps in regulating blood pressure and thus controls heart diseases. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant and has properties that fight against allergies, skin disorders, and fatigue. Mangosteen is a national fruit of Thailand and is majorly used in preparing desserts and smoothies. 

The fruit is sometimes also referred to as the Queen of Fruits. This red-skinned fruit is said to resemble a combination of strawberries and grapes. If you are planning to visit China, here are some more exotic fruits that you can’t miss.

9. Tamarillo

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Tamarillo or tree tomato is well known for its resemblance with plum tomatoes. It tastes sweet yet tangy and has shiny skin. The fruit is rich in vitamins and lowers the level of high blood pressure. 

Just like regular tomatoes, Tamarillo can also be used as a home remedy for several skin problems. It can be sweetened and used as a dessert or cooked raw with savory foods. If not dessert, use its slices as a garnish for salads or beverages. It is suggested to ripen Tamarillo at room temperature before using it as a dessert. 

10. Barhi Dates

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Barhi Dates resembles butterscotch in taste. It is unique because its color and flavor change when ripened. When it is yellow and firm, it tastes like coconut and cinnamon. Barhi Dates also give a sweet texture to several dishes. 

When it changes to a light amber color, it releases fibers and turns into caramel bites. This amazing fruit can be refrigerated for months or can be enjoyed as little candies. Barhi dates are popular for their chewy texture. 

Have you tasted these butterscotch flavor dates? If yes, you can also taste these most famous ice cream flavors from around the world. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Yes, money doesn’t grow on trees, but ice cream does. So, next time if doctors don’t allow you to eat ice cream, enjoy these amazing fruits that give natural ice cream flavors and keep yourself healthy. When you are craving for ice cream but don’t want to cheat on your healthy diet, these fruits that taste more like dessert is what all you will need. 

Here are more unusual fruits that you should taste at least once in your lifetime.

Tell us do you know more fruits that are both healthy and taste more like a dessert? 


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