Cement Mixer Shot: The Most Unappetizing Cocktail You’ll Ever Try

Quite a revolting concoction, cement mixer shot is the nauseating cocktail shooter that can literally leave a bad taste in your mouth. Try at your own risk!

6 years ago
Cement Mixer Shot: The Most Unappetizing Cocktail You’ll Ever Try

There may be some cocktail shots that you enjoy and just hopelessly dote on. And there may be some that could be leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Cement mixer shot falls among the latter. One of the most popular and nauseating shots out there, it’s been called one of the ‘most vile cocktail shooters ever’ by Fox News.

Not as delicious as Boba, the Cement Mixer shot is more of a gag shot and isn’t meant to be enjoyed. Pretty good in taste, the disgusting texture & the health consequences of the shot are the real trouble.

Why is it Called Cement Mixer Shot?

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The lime juice being acidic causes curdling of cream-based Bailey’s. The curdled mixture doesn’t taste sour and it quickly gains viscosity and sticks to the your teeth reminding you of cement. And if you want a sweeter taste, take one shot of lemonade and one of Bailey's.

Some Useful Preparation & Drinking Tips

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  • Don’t try it when you have a weak stomach or when you’ve had enough of it already. It may upset your stomach or cause diarrhea, nausea, and/or vomiting.
  • Don’t wait for too long else the mixture will turn too much thick and cement-like. Adding more lime juice will make it even chunkier.

Here’s What You’ll Need for Making Cement Mixer Shot

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  • 1 ounce Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur (can be substituted by other kinds of alcoholic Irish cream like Carolan’s)
  • 1 ounce Lime or lemon juice (a bottled lime or Rose’s Lime Cordial)
  • 2 shot glasses

And Here’s How to Make One

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Making a cement mixer shot is no rocket science! And this is how you prepare it:

1. Take a shot glass and pour the Irish cream into it. 

2. Gradually float or simply pour lime juice over it. 

3. Once you're all ready to drink, take the shot and hold it in your mouth.

4. Jiggle your head quickly and swallow. 

Another Way to Drink It

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Instead of mixing the two basic ingredients in a shot glass, you can even mix it all in your mouth just like some drinkers do. 

Here’s how to go about it:

1. Take two separate shot glasses and add Irish cream and lime juice into each one.

2. Start pouring Irish cream into your mouth followed by lime juice. (but don't swallow it yet).

3. Jiggle your head real quick so that everything gets mixed up. Swallow it now.

Wasn’t that fun!?

What Really Happens Inside the Cement Mixer?

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As you take it down the mouth, a fascinating chemical reaction occurs. When the shot settles, the acid of lime juice and the fat of Irish cream begin mixing up gradually. And in few seconds, a thick and chunky slurry is formed that gets thicker and thicker with time especially when stirred. To see the magic, take a straw and start stirring. The texture you get looks much like cottage cheese or (obviously) uncured cement.

Two Other Variants You May Like to Try

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1. Cement Kicker Shot

What you’ll need: 1 shot Bailey's Irish cream, 1/2 shot lime juice, 1/2 shot 151 proof rum

How to make: Take one shot glass and fill it with Bailey's. Take another shot glass and pour the lime juice and 151 rum into it. 

Or you can even try it this way-

Without swallowing, pour Bailey's into your mouth. Now, pour the lime juice and 151 into your mouth. Shaking head back and forth will solidify the shot.

2. Doug's Modified Cement Mixer Shot

What you’ll need: 1 shot Bailey's Irish cream, 2 - 3 splashes of lemon juice

How to make: Take a 2/3 shot glass of Bailey's. Add lemon or lime juice to the rest 1/3 shot glass. Now have the shot and swish it off in your mouth. Just swallow it before it turns solid.

So if you have a thing for weird food textures, then go ahead and dare to give “Cement Mixer Shot” a shot!


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