Top 10 Bizarre Food Phobia You Will Be Shocked To See

Have you ever heard about Food phobias if not then have look at it. You will be surprised by these amazing food phobias. These are definitely interesting and Chucklesome for those who do not fear.

6 years ago
Top 10 Bizarre Food Phobia You Will Be Shocked To See

We all have some or the other kind of phobia in our life. Though we do not pretend and keep them hidden inside ourselves. Still, we all know there are things which we are afraid of. Phobia is nothing but the state of mind which asks us to stay away from items, animals or things.

Some people do not hesitate in claiming these will others do. Some have a phobia of height, some have it with water and much more. The list of phobia is vast so we have concentrated on food phobia which is slightly different from rest all the others.

Here is a list of 10 food phobias which you might not have heard before:

1) Xocolatophobia - Fear Of Chocolates

Source = Zaiqatv

It’s hard to believe as it is the most lovely eating item favorite of most of the people. But there are people who are afraid of having chocolates as well. Yes, it is beyond imagination but still, people face this in their life. This is extremely a rough phobia.

Chocolates are encountered in events such as Valentine's Day, Halloween day, easter bunnies and much more. So it's practically unavoidable as you will have to encounter it in your life almost daily.

2) Turophobia - Fear Of Cheese

Source = Dailystar

This can be a phobia? Apparently, there are people who have a fear of trying out things made up of cheese. The hidden reason behind it can be the formation of cheese.

This phobia can even be extended to some other dairy products such as butter, ghee, paneer and some sweets which contain milk. These products seem to be dangerous to few people but for other, it is the amusement of food.

3) Arachibutyrophobia - Fear Of Peanut Butter

Source = Rd

The peanut butter is a sticky stuff which gets stuck for some time in the mouth. People avoid it at all cost as they have a fear of getting stuck in mouth. If they have a bite containing peanut butter they may start feeling suffocated.

Sufferers may not have any problem in seeing peanut butter and this can be a perk for all those who live in America. Because it is the pantry sample which is eaten daily by most of the people.

4) Mycophobia - Fear Of Mushroom

Source = Tcpermaculture

Mushroom- fungus is a food item for some people but for others, it is a phobia. People if eat mushroom in the food they start having problems related to short breath.

Some people are conscious of having a poisonous food in their diet so they avoid it while some love to add mushrooms in their pasta and pizza to give it a different taste.

5) Phagophobia - Fear Of Swallowing Food

Source = Emgn

The extreme effects of this phobia could be so severe that the people could find it terrible to swallow their own saliva. This phobia can be life threatening and is the one which is the most difficult fear to be throughout the life.

The Phagophobia includes pills or certain kinds of liquids which are hard to swallow. People having this kind of fear constantly feels as if something has got stuck in their throat.

6) Cibophobia (Sitophobia) - Fear Of Food

Source = Pexels

Food is the basic requirement to live without which we cannot survive in the world. This one is the most tougher one to all because without it we cannot survive. Avoiding food for a certain period of time could not be a solution.

Food is a must for everyone so any how people having this kind of fear should overcome it by adopting few measures as fast as possible.

7) Geumaphobia - Fear Of Taste

Source = Babycenter

The people have another kind of fear which is unpleasant taste. People having such a kind cannot taste new items as they are afraid of different and new tastes.  Thus these people do not take risk of tasting different foods.

Such a people usually eat items which they eat on daily basis and thus do not try and eat other food. Thus they only those items which are familiar to them.

8) Lachanophobia - Fear Of Vegetables

Source = Blogspot

It is the most claimed phobia often seen in children who have a strong dislike for vegetables. This includes broccoli, spinach, bitter gourd and much more.  Eating a balanced diet is difficult for the person who has Lachanophobia.

But these green vegetables are a source of most of the vitamins. Intake of these helps to build immune system strong. Most of the people do not have this phobia but have a strong aversion towards it.

9) Acerophobia - Fear Of Sour Things

Source = Odditiesbizarre

There are a group of people who have a phobia of eating sour items in food which includes lemon, pickle, tamarind etc. This kind of people even avoid candies which taste sour.

People who suffer from Acerophobia generally do not like the tingling sensation when they eat citrus fruits. The sour taste makes them dizzy and nauseous. So they try to keep themselves away from these foods.

10) Alliumphobia - Fear Of Garlic

Source = Desmoinesfoodster

Garlic is used in the preparation of most of the vegetables and food nowadays. But some people do not like the flavor nor its smell. People who have Alliumphobia generally have a different approach in cooking and flavoring items.

These people could not eat garlic bread or aioli. Strange but it is true. Symptoms of this disease can be dizziness, excessive shaking, and loss of breath. So even this phobia is dangerous to the people who suffer from it. (7.1)

For some these phobias may seem to be craziness but it does exist in some people in reality. Sometimes the truth is bitter but it cannot be denied.


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