What Do You Think of Cockroach Milk- the Next Superfood? Yay or Nay?

Do you know that cockroach milk is a rich source of protein? Yes, these creepy bugs that move around your home are becoming a part of the next superfood.

5 years ago
What Do You Think of Cockroach Milk- the Next Superfood? Yay or Nay?

What comes in your mind when you hear superfoods? Pomegranate juice, milkshakes, or healthy drinks. But what if you are told that milk from a disgusting insect is soon going to become the next superfood? Can you believe that?

Well recently, a research team based at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India found that the milk from the Pacific Beetle Cockroach (mainly found in Australia) is rich in protein.

‘Cockroach milk’ is the next superfood that garnered attention in 2016 when a team of researchers analyzed the milk-like substance that Pacific Beetle cockroaches produce. While this news was considered fake by many, it also intrigued many scientists and even some consumers who look for dairy-free alternatives.

Although almond milk and soy milk are considered the best alternatives, cockroach milk is trending on the list as the next big thing to be consumed.

From insect-laden ice cream to coated donuts, you might have tasted all. But do you know that a recent study has found that cockroach milk is more beneficial for you? The health benefits of cockroach milk are doing the rounds again. The milk obtained from the cockroach is reported to have more energy than regular dairy milk.

According to the experts, the milk is made up of nutrient-rich crystals which are healthier than the ingredients present in dairy milk. These rich crystals are considered as milk because it is a kind of liquid substance produced by the mother cockroach for her offspring and contains sugar, fat, and proteins.

Unlike other species of cockroaches which lay eggs, these Pacific Beetle cockroaches give birth to stay young. These rich crystals are complete food as they contain fats, sugars, and all the essential amino acids.

Source = Bugguide

We usually do not prefer to come across cockroaches in restaurants, but as per the latest news, the insect's secretions could appear on menus very soon. And the main reason behind their appearance is the postnatal fluid which is slowly becoming the latest food for non-dairy drinkers.

However, getting cockroach milk is not easy at all. The fact is many cockroaches die in the process of extracting the milk. It may also take an army of cockroaches to make one glass of milk. Although most cockroaches don’t produce milk, Diploptera punctata (species of cockroach in the family Blaberidae) is the only well-known cockroach which gives birth to stay young. It has been shown that Diploptera pumps out milk that contains protein to feed its babies.

The fact that cockroach produces milk is really surprising but what surprised researchers more is the fact that these protein crystals are three times healthier than the buffalo milk. Getting an adequate amount of milk (as it takes an army of cockroaches to produce) is not a feasible option, so the team of scientists decided (if it is possible or not) to replicate the genes of protein crystals in the lab.

Let us know more about cockroach milk nutrition and how it is beneficial for us. (7.1)

Lesser Known Benefits of Cockroach Milk

Source = Indiatimes

If you are curious to know how this next superfood could be nutritious, do read the benefits suggested by the experts below.

1. Cockroach Milk is Good for Muscle Repair

The milk contains protein crystals which contain much higher energy than that present in dairy milk from buffaloes and cows. Additionally, the protein crystals also include amino acids which are beneficial for muscle repair.

2. Released Proteins Balance the Nutrients in the Body

As the protein in the cockroach milk is digested, the crystals continue to release protein. This absorption rate is called ‘time release’ protein which ensures the flow of nutrients in the body.

3. It is a Great Alternative to Non-Dairy Products

The main reason why people are finding cockroach milk a great alternative to non-dairy products is that it is richer in nutrients and proteins than cow or buffalo milk.

Limitations of Cockroach Milk

Source = Wp

While cockroach milk is beneficial for health, it has some limitations too. Read the disadvantages of this next new superfood below.

1. It is High in Fat

It is true that cockroach milk is rich in protein and it is also true that cockroach milk is high in fat. While fats are essential in the diet, this next superfood contains more calories than regular dairy milk.

2. It Requires Tons of Cockroaches to Produce a Glass of Milk

The main reason why cockroach milk is not readily available is that it requires tons of cockroaches to be killed to produce a glass of milk.

3. It Doesn’t Help in Losing Weight

If you are interested in losing weight, do not consume cockroach milk because it contains over 700 calories per eight-ounce cup. On the other hand, buffalo milk contains near 200 calories for the same amount.

4. Available Only in South Africa (Till Date)

It has been reported that cockroach milk can be purchased in the form of ice cream only at the Tokai Earth Fair Market in South Africa. Moreover, it is not available in large quantity for purchase.

Things You Should Know About Pacific Beetle Cockroach

Source = Npr

Let us know some amazing facts about the Pacific Beetle Cockroach below.

1. Size

While the female Pacific Beetle Cockroaches can grow up to one inch long, male cockroaches are usually smaller.

2. Appearance

The Pacific Beetle cockroaches have small heads and wings that reach their abdomens. They appear dark brown and sometimes resemble with brown beetles (so now you know from where their name comes from).

3. Where Are They Found?

As the name suggests, these Pacific Beetle cockroach can be found from Asia to the Pacific Islands. They are usually found outdoors and may move inside homes through plants.

4. How Do They Behave?

When attacked, these cockroaches expel a mix of chemicals from their abdomen to protect themselves. The chemical they release has an unpleasant odor and may cause eye irritation.

They are better known to girdle the branches and limbs of trees. They even cause them to die. The brown areas around the tree are an indicator of an infestation caused by Pacific cockroaches. Pacific Beetle is sometimes also called cypress cockroaches.

5. Diploptera Punctata Gives Birth to Stay Young

The female beetle cockroaches give birth to 6-13 nymphs at a time. The development of newborn lasts about 50-60 days.

What Do Scientists Have to Say About Cockroach Milk?

Source = Newsapi

Cockroach Milk grabbed the attention of millions. It became the topic of the town when it made headlines that cockroach milk is nutritious and a great alternative to dairy-free products.

Sanchari Banerjee, one of the members of the research team, said:

The crystals are like a complete food - they have proteins, fats, and sugars. If you look into the protein sequences, they have all the essential amino acids."

Subramanian Ramaswamy who led the project said, "It's time-released food.” "If you need food that is calorifically high, that is time released and food that is complete. This is it."

Entomilk and insect milk are already in use by Cape Town-based company Gourmet Grubb. They prepare icecream with insect milk.

Eating insects as is or in powdered form is a tad boring. … Therefore we use entomilk to make our delicious ice cream,” the website notes. Think of entomilk as a sustainable, nature-friendly, nutritious, lactose-free, delicious, guilt-free dairy alternative of the future.”

The company suggests, “We believe insects are the future of superfoods. They are chock-full of ingredients and have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Plus, they are a fantastic source of protein."

President of Entomo Farms said, “Yes, there will be people who think [insects] are icky or have a yuck factor, but the ingredients are so versatile.”

His brothers are already into the business of farming insects and reptiles, so he thought it was a business opportunity for him to focus on food.

This idea that insects are for the poor and disenfranchised is really missing the point,” he adds. “The truth is there are nutritional health benefits that would be good for everybody.”

According to the registered dietician Andy De Santis, this next superfood is doing great as an alternative to dairy products.

Santis said, “I appreciate that they are a potentially more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional animal products and if such a context exists that these two considerations trump everything else, perhaps these products could come to further prominence. But I am unsure as to their micronutrient content and whether or not it is comparable to more conventional alternatives.”

Many YouTube channels have also explained about cockroach milk and how it would affect human lives. Here are some insights on cockroach milk by Fox News and Science Plus reporters.

Source -‘Fox news’

Source – ‘Science Plus’

And here’s a hilarious take on cockroach milk by Steve Harvey on his show.

Source = 'Steve TV Show'

See How Twitteratis React to Cockroach Milk

Would you love taking a sip of cockroach milk? It sounds disgusting, but yes, this cockroach milk is beneficial in many ways. If you are still in doubt whether to taste this milk or not, read how people are finding this nutritional drink.

And the Mystery Continues….

Going back to the time when cockroach milk was discovered, till today in 2018, it is not clear if cockroach milk is safe to consume or not. There is no evidence which proves that cockroach milk is good to go.

Before we directly jump onto the conclusion that cockroach milk is the new superfood, there is a need to understand more about cockroach food and its benefits to humans. Just because it is nutritional doesn’t mean that we need to buy it soon.

So Is Cockroach Milk the Next Super Food Worth Trying?

Cockroach milk is not readily available for sale. The only scenario where someone may benefit from cockroach milk would be: if you have a restriction on fluid intake for medical reasons or when you have to carry protein packed drink (and regular milk is not available) on your travel.

Concluding Thoughts

Wellness trends have taken a surprising turn this year. Right from broccoli coffee to tiger nut milk and moon milk to cockroach milk, the drinks have marked an impact on nutritional recipes.

When it comes to insects, most of us aren’t too interested in knowing more about these creepy crawlers. But now it seems that this well-known bug is becoming the vital part of new superfood. Though it is not the part of your cafe menu order yet, it might be in the menu cards very soon. There are plenty of nutritional foods available that are more tempting and appetizing. You don’t expect this new superfood to show up in the stores with coconut and almond milk soon.

Many people are scared of these disgusting insects. If you also have katsaridaphobia (one of the most frightening phobias of insects), you can have a sigh of relief as it takes killing more than thousands of cockroaches to produce only half glass of milk. And this fact doesn’t form a delightful picture in mind, but something like this!

So tell us would you mind a sip of cockroach milk the next superfood? Yay or Nay? Drop your comments below.


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