10 Most Dangerous Science and Human Experiments Ever Done in History

When science is better known to cure diseases, it is also used to torture and abuse….

6 years ago
10 Most Dangerous Science and Human Experiments Ever Done in History

While science has the major impact on our lives, it has the power to cure diseases, it can also be used to murder, brainwash and to persecute. The progress achieved in last 100 years in the field of science, biomedicine and in different fields is actually an achievement we are reminded of daily. When it comes to science we always think of unusual experiments done by the scientist that ordinary people wouldn’t be allowed to deal with.

Here’s is the list of the dangerous science experiments which are no way useful and will make you think about the responsibility that comes along with the tag of science.

1. The Large Hadron Supercollider (LHC)

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The LHC in Switzerland was specially built to study the particle physics. It is the world’s largest machine and scientific instrument ever built. The LHC was first started on 10th September 2008 and the latest addition to CERN’s accelerator’s complex. It comprises of the 27 km ring of superconducting magnets with different accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles on the way. Because of this and cutting edge research, it was added that, The Large Hadron Supercollider has prompted more than its share of fears from the public.

The LHC has been blamed for pulling asteroids towards Earth and for happening earthquakes. (8.1)

While these theories have been proven wrong the LHC has also been accused of creating black holes that may swallow the earth. (8.2)

2. Pig Powder to Grow Human Limbs

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This pig powder created is literally unsafe. The regenerative powder is another dangerous science experiment ever done and performed on human beings.

The University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine invented regenerative powder from the cells scraped from the pig’s bladder. The tissue was decellularized and then dried. After that, they managed to regrow a finger. Well, the idea of using dried pig organs to regrow human limbs is totally unfair.

3. Unit 731

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Have you ever heard about Unit 731? It was a secretive R$D unit of the Japanese army that performed dangerous experiments in humans during WWII. Ordered by General Shiro Ishii, the whole unit experimented different things on 2,50,000 victims which included Chinese and some prisoners of war from the Allies and Russia.

The forced procedures included vivisections, unnecessary limb amputations, removal of lungs, brain and other body organs. They were also subjected to forced pregnancies and frostbite testing.

4. Testing of Chemical Weapon on People

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It was in 1951 when dermatologist Albert Kligman was reported to work at Pennsylvania’s Holmesburg prison to study different aspects of medicine.

Forgetting about all the medical ethics he learned and expanded his research into pathogen testing and drug trials. Over the experience of 23 years, he obtained grants from Dow Chemical, US army, and Johnson & Johnson to research the effects of dangerous chemicals in his arsenal on people under the terms of informed consent. Unfortunately, by the time he finished his experiments a number of patients were known to be infected with dioxin, herpes and athlete’s foot. He continued to torture people for over two decades. (8.3)

5. Medical Experiments Carried out by Nazis

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Nazis performed medical experiments on a number of prisoners in concentration camp without thinking of human life. Their research involved inducing hypothermia, using mustard gas on people, infecting wounds with bacteria, forced pregnancies and others.

Josef Mengele was the evil scientist known for his camp experiments with a focus on twins Roma and Jewish. He was responsible for removing organs without anesthetics. To his dangerous science experiments, Mengele was referred to as ‘Angel of Death’.

6. The Sex Change Operations

A medical torture program was commenced in South Africa to cure homosexuality in military conscripts. They carried aversion therapy treatments like electric shock therapy and even chemical castration. Not only this, the army also did 900 sex change operations. Earlier, it was believed that the homosexuality was an illness and can be cured. The incharge of the program Dr. Aubrey Levin was found guilty and received a prison sentence. (8.4)

7. Spider Goat

It was Nexia technologies who developed a transgenic goat, whose milk was rich in proteins that was extracted from the spider’s silk thread.

The milk then strained into superstrong biosteel polymers. They crossed spiders with goats without acknowledging how it could affect the ecosystem. And to the surprise, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funded it.

8. Dog Head Transplantation

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Soviet scientist Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov, did some weirdest science experiments with dog heads, keeping them alive, the head is separated from the body and then it was transplanted to other dog bodies. He attached heads to other dogs resulting in weird hybrids that could only survive for days or months. He even performed the experiments with rhesus monkeys.

PS – watch the video at your own risk

9. Implantable Identity Code

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It was in 1998, when the first RFID implant was done in human since then it became an easy option for people who wanted to be a little bit cyborg. Now, many companies have FDA approval, to implant them into people to track where they are going. Very few people know that a Mexican attorney general did this implant on many of his staff members who had the control to access the private documents, but forcing its employees to get the implant done is really creepy.

10. Science Experiments by Nazi’s

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Dr. Josef Mengele is again on the list, now you can think of how evil he was. He did the dangerous science experiment on the innocent children. Mengele injected dye into the eyes of the children just to check if it could permanently change their color. Not only this, he also tried to create conjoined twins by stitching the patients together.


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