Show Your Different Social Profile Pictures With #DollyPartonChallenge

Dolly Parton has added a new skill to her resume. She started a viral meme trend after posting pictures of social media handles, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Tinder. See what’s the challenge all about.

4 years ago
Show Your Different Social Profile Pictures With #DollyPartonChallenge

Nowadays, every time you stumble upon the internet, you come across several challenges posted by celebs and ordinary people. A few days back, #10yearchallenge started, and it went viral on the internet. Then, people participated in the #bottlecapchallenge and showed off their kicking skills. 

This New Trend Challenges You to Post Four Photo Mosaic of Profile Photos for Different Social Networks

If you are an internet freak, then you must be aware of the recent challenge started by popular American singer and songwriter Dolly Parton. She is well known for her sense of humor, and now she is being searched for the challenge she posted. 

The challenge is all about posting the four pictures - one each for Facebook, LinkedIn, dating app Tinder, and Twitter. She posed with a button-up blazer for LinkedIn and wore a bunny suit for Tinder. 

It was on January 21 when she posted this 74-year-old singer debuted her collage. She posted different pictures for different social networks. Her picture quickly went viral in a few minutes. 

She captioned the picture- 

“Get you a woman who can do it all

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Get you a woman who can do it all ????

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Her picture is now tagged as #DollyPartonChallenge and shared over 40,000 times on Twitter and got over 600,000 likes on Instagram. However, she didn’t invent this meme but made it popular. After that, celebs from around the world started sharing their different pictures on social media. 

Celebs Accepted This Challenge and Shared Their Versions

Several celebrities participated in this challenge and shared their versions on their social account. Julie Chen, a famous American TV Personality, accepted the challenge and posted a profile picture for Facebook, Tinder, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Comedian and Actress Ellen DeGeneres shared a funny picture for her Instagram and Facebook version. Her picture got more than 1584000 likes. 

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When my agent asks if I can play different roles.

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American Singer Reba McEntire shared the picture on Twitter. Her picture received over 15k likes. 

Philanthropist and Singer Miley Cyrus’ post is not to be missed. The diva has posed in a vibrant blue and red clothing and showed a newer version of herself. 

Popular rapper and American actor Will Smith impressed everyone with his different versions.

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I’d swipe right

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Oprah Winfrey posted her version and asked Dolly Parton if she did this challenge right. 

The UN Environment Programme also had a unique take on the trend.

The Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico also highlighted best works from their collection.

How Could You Participate in the Challenge?

Earlier #FaceAppChallenge came in which people shared their picture of how they would look when they would grow old. This challenge also went viral, and people, including celebs, shared their pictures on social media. 

If you also want to participate in the challenge but do not know where to start, then don’t worry. Several websites and apps allow you to create photo collages. You could also add text in the templates available. What’s amazing is all the apps and websites are free. Some might have paid features, so be careful when you select them.  

You could also make a layout directly on Instagram. Click the Layout button, and then it will ask you if you want to combine the photos. Click to create a layout to start a process. 

Other Challenges That Went Viral & You Should See If You Missed Participating

Every day new challenges are coming. While some people are posting challenges like #DMXChallenge for fun, others are doing for a good reason. A boy from Arizona challenged everyone to pick trash and to participate in the TrashTag challenge.

Final Words

Have you ever participated in any of these challenges? If not, then participate in Dolly Parton’s challenge and show the best versions of you. 

Did you find her challenge interesting? Would you try this? Drop your comments below. 


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