20 Times Smart People Made Lemonade when Life Handed Them Lemons

There is a quote which says, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” And, these 20 people followed it well. Yes, here we have listed 20 examples where people have gone too far for easy solutions.

4 years ago
20 Times Smart People Made Lemonade when Life Handed Them Lemons

An author, businessman and motivational speaker once said,

“If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.”― T. Harv Eker

Well, many people out there proving it right. They are showing life is no hard if you are ready to handle it. And, must say, only these people are responsible for development. Yes, if there were no such people in the world, then we might still be cooking food on fire in the forest. But some people didn't stop there and started finding easy solutions. And, in this way we are here in the developed & easy world.

However, instead of all such resources, some people go way too far looking for easier solutions. That is why there are several photos of people that get viral heating up a pizza on iron among other pictures of people finding life hacks.

So, if you are also looking for a general solution to a problem you are having, then here are some potential lifesavers from people who are too smart for their welfare.

1. Watching Video Hack

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Ingenious it is! Yes, this fellow turned his charger plug into one great stand to watch videos with ease. And, the great part is, he is watching the video in the classroom. As his hands are free, he doesn’t get caught. LOL!

2. All You Need is a Bowl, Oops, Box!

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If you are hungry and not at home, don’t worry! Here we have a solution; all you need is a spoon, milk & box of cereal. Cut the box in the way shown in the picture, pour the milk in the cereal box and start eating.

Well, I don’t suggest eating this much cereal in one session, but surely a great idea if you don’t have a bowl. Go for it!

3. Chef Cooking in His Way

Source = Redd

It’s another great example of someone showing how he has figured out to survive on their own.

And, if there is a situation like when you have no stove, use iron as a stove to heat your leftover pizza.

Tip:  Don’t forget to wipe the iron before and after you use it.

4. No Hedge Trimmer? No Problem, Use This Way!

Source = Lelombrik

Applaudable it is! Isn’t it? Not only because it is a solution but also because it shows that there is more than one way to approach any problem.

However, you better have some really good upper body strength with this method. Moreover, it is a time-saving method. Must try!

5. Office Hack

Source = Lolsnaps

With this hack, now you know how to avoid being watched while working in the office. Yes, here is a helpful little office hack. All you need to do is to attach a spoon made of metal to your monitor to act as a mirror to see behind you.

This way, if your boss or your supervisor walks into the room, you can quickly switch over to tab if you are doing something else. Rear-view security! LOL!

Here are some more examples of hacks tried by smart people to get over the office boredom.

6. Use Your Hand Instead of Automatic Machinery

Source = Trendnieuws

If somehow your car windshields are not working, then no problem it is! Yes, you can improvise your not working windshield wipers. Taking it this way, you can save your money by using this method. Clean in your way!

7. Weight Adjustment

Source = Wihel

Oh, sneaky right? Yes, this clever guy trying to reduce the weight of his checked bags for a flight. But please someone tell him, this won’t reduce the weight of the piece of luggage. Oops!

8. He Protected His Legs for Sure

Source = Ex-cdn

When it comes to keeping his boots clean on a wintery day, kids just become genius. Yes, he used a plastic shopping bag to cover them, rather than letting his boots all wet and muddy till he gets across the snow or mud before he is off to the races all the way home.

Instead, you can say, when you hate both rubber boots & puddles, you try this. LOL!

9. Nice Move!

Source = Lolsnaps

Oh yeah! When there is no way to fix the hole in the wall, all you can do is improvise. Well, kudos to the person who even thought this way. Surely, at some point, they can fix their wall, but until then, oh yeah!

10. Word Count

Source = Funmary

An amazing trick, though! Also, it might work with some people, but only if they are not using any actual paper.

But my doubt is, which kind of class it is where you had to write a paper with 60,000 words and then water that experience down by cheating when writing that paper.

Roll in the aisles!

11. Homemade Spoon it is!

Source = Netdna-ssl

Don’t you have any spoons or forks? No worry, all you need is one hanger like this person. He/she might have no spoons or forks, so he/she made it with the closest thing at hand, a plastic hanger. Well, don’t think much, a hungry person does what they must!

12. Hide Your Valuables Like This

Source = Kolyan

Hiding valuables is one big issue while you are traveling. So here is one of the best travel hacks! Next, when you travel or need to hide your valuables, try hiding things like this person. And, for that, you only require a clean diaper.

There are huge chances that any would-be thieves won’t even think to look there. Although, make sure the maid service doesn’t throw it away while traveling. Hence, you do need to be careful!

13. Straight Out of the Bottle

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When it comes to drinking, no one wants to make extra efforts. For such time this hack is useful. Yes, straight from the bottle!  And, undoubtedly, it is the work of wine lovers as only they have been looking for easier ways everywhere to drink the wine they love for ages. Well, there are huge chances that now many people are already using this hack.

14. Played Safe

Source = Netdna-ssl

Isn’t this guy is just brilliant? I have a feeling that this would come off as cheap to many ladies, but still, this might work in some circles.

Well jokes apart, one must always opt to buy your guy or girl flowers as it is one of the perfect ways to say you love them and they are important for you.

15. Save Your Cars from Thieves

Source = Boredpanda

One of the best survival hacks! When you are trying to keep your car from being stolen. Well, if theft is a problem in your area is a small price to pay even though it does make it look like you drive a piece of crap. Works for sure!

16. To Keep Make-up Smudge Free

Another life hack! If you need to wash your hair, but already put makeup on what would you do? All you need is your pair of swimming goggles. This will keep your make up dry and will also help you to wash your hair without any second thought.

17. “Ladder” or “Book Shelf”

Source = Postkolik

Turn your old ladder into a bookshelf and use it well! But remember to paint the ladder in combination with your room wall and make it look amazing. An awesome idea it is!

18. Innovative Shopping

Source = Filing

Carry heavy bags is a problem for you? Then it is no problem. Yes, this grandma has found an ingenious hack for it. Now we can take groceries home even without having to carry heavy bags.

But for that, you need a cane so once you are done with shopping, you can use your cane to drag the grocery bag with you. But make sure that the bag is tough enough and doesn’t break in half.

19. Even Kids are Smarter

Source = Gfycat

Ever since her dad told her she couldn’t have her smartphone while doing her homework, this little girl has gotten inventive. It looks like she has given a huge thought on the process, and best of all, dad is none the wiser.

20. One of the Ways to Calm a Dog

Source = Trendnieuws

All I can say, now it is-

“Figured out how to calm him while giving him a bath.”

Yes, this is an ingenious way to keep your dog calm at bath time. Hence, by this idea, all the dog owners will be happier. Yes! All they need to do is clean the wall of the bathtub and put some peanut butter on it. And their work is done! Cool enough! Right?

The Bottom Line

So here we have put together a list of easy and incredibly useful life hacks smart people invented. Must say that most of them will surely simplify your lives as well.

Enjoy the Hacks!


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