10 Of The Most Fascinating Facts About The Beautiful Siamese Fighting Fish

Siamese Fighting Fish aka, (Betta), the prettiest fish you often see swimming in the home aquarium. Some people call them aggressive while some call them strikingly beautiful well, if you want to unlock the real and interesting facts about Siamese Fighting Fish then, keep on reading this article.

6 years ago
10 Of The Most Fascinating Facts About The Beautiful Siamese Fighting Fish

Pets Are Bundles Of Love!

No wonder, getting pet fish for your home will take careful selection. Though there are endless alternatives if you are going to opt for a fish pet and if you are considering the most popular fish pet then, you must go fo the Siamese fighting fish, aka Betta Fish.

The strikingly beautiful and vibrantly-colored Siamese Fighting Fish often see swimming solo in tiny bowls at home and office. No wonder, “Siamese Fighting Fish” make great home aquarium pets. With the wide array of beautiful, colorful and shapes it is really hard to choose one, and for those who want to opt for Siamese fighting fish as their pet, get ready to unlock the surprising facts about  betta fish here:

1) They Can Breathe Air

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Siamese Fighting Fish belongs to the unique category and classified as a labyrinth fish. This is an exceptional category of fish having unique ability to take oxygen directly out of the air. This exceptional power comes from a sac-shaped organ above the gills. They also have the ability to survive in the oxygen-depleted habitats (Out of water) for some time which is like impossible for other fish.

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2) Behavior of Siamese Fighting Fish

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The behavior of the Siamese Fighting Fish is pretty unpredictable. They are quite territorial and aggressive in nature. Though the males are more violent as compared to the females. They can fight even without any reason and hesitation.

Even they react pretty weirdly even at their own reflection in the mirror. That is probably the one reason they swim in isolation. Also, they love observing us doing our daily chores.

3) Siamese Fighting Fish Are Carnivores

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Siamese Fighting fish are carnivores and love to eat meat. Fish those kept as pets also eat meat, they eat fed freeze-dried bloodworms which the owner can purchase from the market from any pet stores. In addition, they also love to have shrimp and insects like crickets, flies or even grasshoppers.

4) Disease Issue With Siamese Fighting Fish

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Clean water is must for the Siamese Fighting Fish, if you have Siamese fighting fish at your home aquarium then, don’t forget to take care of its hygiene factor. Make sure water they live in should be clear and free from impurities because they are really sensitive and susceptible to fish disease caused by water bacteria found in dirty water.

5) Reproduction

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The Siamese Fighting Fish release the eggs and give birth to the baby fighting fish. During pre-spawning time,  they required good food and in most of the cases, it is suggested to feed them with black worms, mosquito larvae, and fruit flies. Also, remember Baby fighter fish should only be fed after 5 days of birth, not before that.

6) Daddy Take Care of The Baby

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It is really interesting fact to unfold that baby fighter fish is raised by their daddy.  Once the eggs release then the male fish guards the eggs and takes care of them.

Usually, the eggs hatch after 24 to 48 hours. Once the baby fish come out, after two or three days, they start swimming and then the male Betta and his kids all go their separate ways.

7) Lifespan

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Siamese fighting fish have the average lifespan of around 4-5 years, in an ideal situation, if they feed properly and live in clean water. While on the other hand, they live much shorter spans if condition and atmosphere are not good for them.

8) Different Shape of Tails & Colors

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One thing that makes Siamese fighting fish even more fascinating is that they are available in wide variety of shapes and colors. Yes, it is not necessary that all the Siamese fighting fish have the same type of tail. There are so many tail shapes including comb, crown, delta, double feather, halfmoon, halfsun, plakat, rose, round, spade, veil, and lot more.

9) They Build Bubble Nest

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Well, it is no secret that almost every living species build their own nest in order to live, and Siamese Fighting Fish is no exception. They build bubble nests for themselves and keep their eggs safely.

In general, the male fish gathers the eggs in his mouth and "spits" them into the nest. In short, we can say that creating bubble nests is an instinctive behavior of betta fish.

10) Siamese Fighting Fish Are Intelligent

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Though their behavior characteristic reflects their aggressive attitude but Betta fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) are one of the most intelligent fish species. They can easily recognize human chores and whatever their owners perform, such as following your finger around the bowl, pushing a ball into a goal, etc.

So, these are some fascinating facts about beautiful Siamese fighting fish. We guess Betta is perfect blend of striking aquatic beauty and exceptional feature.


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