20+ Pictures of Unique & Adorable Animals Born With Natural Masks

Animals are sweetest creatures on earth, and with their natural masks, they look adorable. From an exceptionally innocent looking kitten to a dark-circle-eyed dog – our list contains everything. Have a look!

5 years ago
20+ Pictures of Unique & Adorable Animals Born With Natural Masks
“All of us have ways in which we mask and cover up ourselves.”

Well, everyone has different masks for different purposes. And, these masks can be of protective nature for they could be worn for a ritual, entertainment purposes or disguise. But, today we have found something different. Yes, we have found a different kind of masks that you possess from birth. And, guess what, these masks only serves one purpose which is to make their owners appear as adorable as a button.

So, here we have compiled a bunch of photos of some animals bestowed with permanent & natural masks which are given from birth to enhance their beauty.

1. This Buddy Wears “Natural Glasses”

Source = Zadn

Well, the first look of this pet reminds me of Batman, doesn’t it feel like he came as a new Batman in town?

2. He Robs Hearts of People

Source = Smalljoys

It seems he doesn't need any other mask for robberies. Oh, he has it naturally!

3. A Beard Mask Makes A Boy A Man

Source = Biacaip

This beard gave him a sophisticated appearance, and he looks grown-up in all.

4. Oh I Truly Want That Cookie

Source = Zadn

This face reminds me of someone makes after being denied a cookie.

5. Heart in Eyes, Eyes in Heart!

Source = Luveurpet

Wow, such a wonderful mask she got, just full of love.

6. Her Eyes!

Source = Viettimes

This fox with smokey eyes looks mesmerizing. Isn’t it?

7. Black & White!

Source = Cdninstagram

That’s another tremendous combination of brown and white. It looks unreal but strange, it is natural.

8. Why So Sad?

Source = Smalljoys

Wooh, it gives such wildly sad looks. What’s your opinion on this?

9. I Think It’s Cute!

Source = Smalljoys

Well, the owner captioned this pet,

“When Cosmo was 3 months old, his mask made him look like The Joker.”

10. It’s Intriguing!

Source = Smalljoys

Well, this mask provides one intriguing personality to the dog. Right?

11. And, That Angel Face!

Source = Zadn

LoL! It looks like there’s an angel on its face!

12. Eye of the Tiger!

Source = Brightside

Now, the dog can proudly feel like a tiger. Well, isn’t he pretending like one? What say?

13. Pirate Eye

Source = Redd

Oh, as someone poured ink on this cutie, he got the eye patch like a pirate. Is this patch also helping him to fight in the dark?

14. Angry Young Man!

Source = Wp

He got the strange one, a fluffy mask of anger. True, right?

15. Mysterious Make-Up

Source = Redd

It looks like they all are going to the party with this wonder mask.

16. A Mustache Mask

Source = Wp

So, now he doesn't need any other mustache to become a man from a boy.

17. Black Beauty

Source = Zadn

Not only mask, it looks like she also has gloves on her hand. Also, the owner captioned it,

“My mom’s cat looks like she’s wearing a fancy sweater.”

Pretty amazing, right?

18. Are Those Dark Circles?

Source = Smalljoys

Well, even if these are dark circles, they make us unable to look away. Isn’t it?

19. Bat Man, Bat-Cat

Source = Smalljoys

Oh, pretty cat as Ninja assassin. Amazing, right?

20. Another Pirate

Source = Smalljoys

A black bandage on a little pirate looks mind-shattering.

21. Mask Made Him A Bad Guy

Source = Smalljoys

Pay Attention! The bad guy is here.

22. Two Faces, One Face

Source = Skyrock

Well, these all were the animals who were naturally masked but there is one animal picture we have which is not natural, but edited and this edited mask looks cool.

This cow wasn’t born like this nice mask though!

Final Thoughts

So, we have seen 22 images of different mask-look animals. No wonder that these animals won the genetic lottery of badass little faces. What say? Well, you can comment here if you found any other animals like these. Also, you can comment if you have some other opinion on watching these.


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