11 Animal Photos That Prove Nature is Filled With Colorful Surprises

Animals are the sweetest creatures on the planet. From a two-faced kitten to a dog with heart-shaped eyes, these animal photos prove that nature is filled with surprises.

5 years ago
11 Animal Photos That Prove Nature is Filled With Colorful Surprises

Don’t you think nature is the best gift given by God? While you have dazzling landscapes, stunning views to admire, some animals are covered in beautiful fur patterns and make us wonder if they are real or photoshopped. Some animals look dangerous; others look cute and have unique markings that resemble nature.

There are a lot of surprises hidden in nature. Just when you think you have seen all animals existing on the planet, some new creature is discovered. Many of them are extremely rare, so if you find one, feel lucky that you have seen them.

Tell us did you notice any animal, showing off its birthmarks for the world to see? If not, we have compiled a list of animals that have unusual marks on their body and are different in their way.

1. Awww! This Dog With Heart Eyes is Love

Source = Twentytwowords

OMG! Look at this adorable Dalmatian with cute little hearts around both the eyes. I wish I could have one! Do you know this dog became famous after a tweet featuring the real-life emoji themed dog went viral on the internet? Have you seen any dog with these beautiful marks?

2. Look at My Eyebrows! Aren’t They Unique?

Source = Boredpanda

Dogs usually don’t have eyebrows, but have you ever imagined what they would look like if they have eyebrows like humans? If not, the eyebrows of this cute pup are the proof that dogs can look handsome too with those little two lines on their face. Here are some pictures of the dogs with eyebrows designed by their owner for fun.

3. Two Cats are Resting? No? It is One! Really?

This picture will make you look twice to confirm if there are two cats or one cat resting.

Do you know these 4-legged creatures are also talented actors who show a range of emotions? Here are a few pictures of cats that prove these adorable pets are highly dramatic.

4. This Two-Faced Cat Will Make You Fall in Love at First Sight

Source = Thrillist

Is there anyone who doesn't love cats? They are adorable and one of the most owned pets around the world. This Venus (cat) is no exception.

You will be surprised to know that this adorable cat has its own Facebook page and an account on Instagram which is followed by over 1.7 million people from around the world.

The reason behind two-faced cat’s fame is its two-face markings – half orange with a blue eye and half black with a yellow eye. Venus is extremely rare and the most famous feline on the planet.

5. These Birds are Making Me Jealous of Their Bright and Vivid Colors!

Source = Ytimg

Budgie birds are so beautiful and bright that it is hard to believe they are real. The Budgerigars are a seed-eating parrot and the most popular pet after cats and dogs. These cute little birds can mimic human if trained properly. Budgies are the combination of genetic tissues that comes from two fertilized eggs that are fused in the womb. If you don’t own any pet, how about owning a Budgie?

6. Donkey With a Pair of Natural Pants On!

Source = Twentytwowords

Awww! Donkeys are too cute, and this donkey with a natural pair of pants is too adorable. If you haven’t seen any donkey wearing pants, this donkey whose butt is covered in black fur is worth capturing.

7. These Dogs Are the Masters of Camouflage

Source = Themindcircle

Watch your steps when you walk on the floor.

Source = Themindcircle

Source = Themindcircle

Did you find the real one?

Someone has said that you don’t need to be a chameleon to become the master of camouflage. These pictures are proof that only humans can’t give the best moments to capture, but animals can give it too. If you are a dog lover, here is a quick compilation of the low-maintenance dog breeds you can own.

8. You Put a Question Mark When You Ask Something!

Source = Pinimg

It seems this cow has several questions popping in its head. I wonder if it is asking to Mooooo or not?

9. Adorable Brown and White Panda – But Why is it Sad?

Source = Mnn

Pandas are cute as hell. But do you know that they are intelligent too? Red Pandas take advantage of their color and blend into the trees where they spend their time lounging.

10. A Masked Hero

Source = Me

The first look of this cute dog made me think that he is wearing a mask. But he is bestowed with a natural mask from birth that enhanced his beauty. Here are more pictures of adorable animals born with natural masks you can’t miss.

11. Yes, I Am Famous for My Moustache!

Source = Zsl

It seems that this animal (Emperor Tamarin) has taken its name seriously. Look at the mustache and the attitude he carries. I was thinking it is a creature with more experience (just by seeing his white mustache).

Final Words

Whether we talk about a human being or an animal, everyone is unique and special in their way. I know I am a little jealous of that Dalmatian with heart-shaped eyes, but I am happy in my skin.

Must say, all of these pictures are taken at the right moment. Just like humans, animals also enjoy attention in any way.


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