10 Most Beautiful Pictures Of Long Eyelashes Of Camel

It is actually hard to find a creature that is well suited to an environment. Camel is the only animal whose body is well designed according to the environment changes.

6 years ago
10 Most Beautiful Pictures Of Long Eyelashes Of Camel

Adaptation is actually a special characteristic that an animal is born with and which allows it to survive within the environment changes. Just like that camels do have many adaptations that enable them to live successfully in the desert areas and conditions. You all must be aware that camels need to do save water.

In fact, it withstands well with the changes in temperatures and survives for long even without water. It has long legs that help it to walk easily on the sand, it has thick padding that saves its feet from hot sands. Another interesting feature about camels is their long eyelashes. Have you ever wonder why camels do have long eyelashes?

The long beautiful eyelashes in camels help it in blowing sand out of eyes. The long eyelashes also protect camels from direct sun rays. Long eyelashes are practically important in a desert environment to keep some visibility. It is really silly if you were thinking that camels have long eyelashes because they were playing with their mom’s makeup kit!! LOL!

Very few of the camel lovers know that it possesses three eyelids. The two lids have eyelashes which save it from sand and the third membrane works like wiper which cleans the animal’s eye if sand enters. So here, we have got you a compilation of beautiful pictures of long camel eyelashes that you may feel envy of.

1) Is That Silver Eyelash?

Source = Npr

2) Wow! beautiful brown eyelashes! Yes, you can be jealous!

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3) And You need a great set of eyelashes to Stand Unique of All

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4) You will be absolutely fascinated with the long eyelashes

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5) Wow! God has created this creature in an amazing way

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6) Eyelashes have a screen that catches sand and drops it down.

Source = Npr

7. And that Bug Wants Lift?

Source = Earthtouchnews

It seems that camel’s eyelashes are quite voluminous to have a seat for hitchhikers, isn’t it?

8. And just look at these captivating Eyelashes!

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9. Catch the front View of my Long eyelashes!!

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10. Who Cares? Have you Seen my Long Beautiful Eyelashes

Source = Asergeev

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