13 Celebs' Childhood Pictures That'd Make You Scroll Your School Album

Childhood pictures have proven to be the best memories. You may not remember how you looked and how cute your smile was without teeth. Let’s check how Hollywood celebs looked when they were a kid.

4 years ago
13 Celebs' Childhood Pictures That'd Make You Scroll Your School Album

Who doesn’t love seeing their photos from childhood days? Most of you reading the post have had pictures clicked by their parents. Today everyone is busy clicking selfies and posting on social media, after editing it through several apps.

But during the old days, no editing software and filters were present to beautify the picture they were all real. To be honest, seeing those childhood pictures make us laugh now.

You have seen your old pictures from school days, and you know how cute you looked at that time. But have you ever wondered how your favorite celebs looked like when they were a school-going kid?

Do you want to see how Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie looked during their childhood days? I have compiled a collection of childhood pictures of celebs. Just look at how they have changed but managed to carry that oomph till now.

Before and After Childhood Pictures of Celebs

1. Emma Watson

Source = Viralscape

How many of you have seen Harry Potter? Can you believe this is the picture of Hermione Granger from the series? I can’t believe she is Emma Watson.

We have watched her grow into a well-spoken and smart young woman to a confident girl appearing on the red carpet. She still looks like a pretty doll. Emma is still the sexiest of all, and we have proof.

2. Kim Kardashian (You will be Shocked after Seeing her Transformation) Kim With her Mother

Source = Usmagazine

Cuteness overloaded!

See How She is Transformed

Source = Tert

No doubt, Kim is the sexiest woman in the world. She is 38 years old but looks like she is in her late 20’s.

Kim was the quiet girl when she was a kid, who always used to sit in the corner. But today, she has transformed into a beautiful diva who inspires every individual to be strong and confident in their skin.

Whether you love or hate her, you can’t ignore the fact that she is the most famous face in the film and modeling industry. Read her journey about how she became a TV star and a successful entrepreneur.

3. Jonathan Lipnicki

Source = Albanydailynews

Can you remember this cute boy from Stuart Little? I can’t believe that he is grown up so sexy and handsome. He has played several roles on the silver screen, but still, I know him as the boy from Stuart Little. Do you recognize any other roles played by him which gained him more recognition?

4. Dwayne Johnson

Is there anyone who doesn’t know The Rock from WWE? The man has a mammoth of followers on the social network. Today, he is the hottest man in the world. But I guess, he was the cutest star when he was a kid.

Look at his childhood picture, and you will know from where he got his physique; obviously, from his father.

Source = Imgur

See what happened next after this man followed the same diet plan like Dwayne Johnson to transform like him.

5. Julia Roberts (She is 51 Now)

Source = Viralscape

I can’t see the difference between the two. Can you? I can’t believe she is 51 years old today.

Source = Blogspot

She is a renowned actress, but I guess during her childhood days, she was known for her beautiful smile and charming personality.

6. Daniel Radcliffe

Source = Zimbio

Twenty-two years ago, J.K. Rowling brought us into the world of magic. I grew up seeing him in Harry Potter. Looking at his childhood pictures, you can know why he was the first choice of the director to cast him as the lead in the film. He was cute and looked like a magician.

Don’t you think the same? After the success of Harry Potter, Daniel played several roles in films like Equus, The Woman in Black, and more. Thanks to Daniel for making my childhood awesome.

7. Nicole Kidman

Source = Flixchatter

I want to know the secret of her beauty. How one can look so cute and natural even in the ’50s? I guess she hated her curls at that time. But Nicole’s curls were gorgeous.

Don’t you think so? When I was a kid, my mother used to make my ponytails; at least, she left her hair open.

8. Abigail Breslin (She is the Perfect Example of Sexiness)

Source = Zimbio

While you can’t stop talking about Abigail Breslin and her acting, see her pictures from childhood days, and you will never stop stalking her Instagram.

Abigail is 23 years old. She is an actress, singer, and a role model of millions. She is pretty as she was when she was 12 years old. Abigail is all grown up, and her fans are having a hard time recognizing her.

9. Penelope Cruz

Source = Blogspot

She looks like a doll in her school days. I think she was the crush of many boys in her school. Right from her childhood days, this beautiful Latina woman wanted to become an actress.

She took the right decision to enter into the film industry; after all, she is gifted with a beautiful smile and charming looks. Cruz is 45 today and looks like she is in her 30’s.

10. Katy Perry

Source = Blogspot

Best known for her singles like ‘Roar’ and ‘This is The Part of Me,’ Katty Perry looks adorable in her school years.

I am still wondering why these celebs don’t get age with time? Do they use some special cosmetics? If so, I also want that.

11. Keanu Reeves

Source = Jkcontent

This cute boy has transformed into a handsome man and is now one of the most popular celebrities of Hollywood. But never mind, he looked cute and innocent in his school days.

Here are instances that prove Keanu is more human than any of us.

12. Angelina Jolie

Source = Theskincareedit

After I looked at Angelina’s childhood picture, it was clear in my head that she is blessed with beauty. The charisma she has in her beautiful eyes and lips are not new, but she is born with so much grace and elegance.

I wish I could look this beautiful when I turn into the ’40s.

13. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Is this a picture from a school event? Maybe. He also took the lead in most memorable comedies in school. I can say he was cute as hell during his school days.

Final Words

Old pictures are memories that make us laugh and nostalgic at the same time. After seeing the before and after pictures, we realize how time flies.

I think before the fame, there were childhood innocence and no pressure on becoming famous. I don’t know if these famous personalities ever see their childhood pictures or not, but when I see mine, I laugh hard.

Which picture from the above fascinated you the most? Do you have other childhood pictures of celebs that you looked twice to make sure that he/she is one you saw in the film? If so, share the picture below.


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