8 Foods That You Know Are Healthy But Can be Fatal if Eaten Wrong Way

Not all the foods that you eat are good for health. Some foods are dangerous to health if eaten in the wrong way. See which foods could cause severe problems for your health.

4 years ago
8 Foods That You Know Are Healthy But Can be Fatal if Eaten Wrong Way

If you are a food lover, then you would agree that you don’t care which food it is; you believe in enjoying its taste and how it is prepared. You travel to different parts of the world only to relish their local cuisines and to see what is different in it.

But do you know right from the meal that you prepare in the kitchen to famous recipes from around the world, several foods that you eat are extremely harmful to your health? Eating a banana or having a bite of chocolate when you feel low want to boost your mood is human nature. 

But do you know these foods that you find healthy if eaten in a wrong way could cause the opposite reaction? For instance, bananas strengthen your immune system, but if it is eaten during the night, it could lead to indigestion and nutrient imbalance. So, let us know about the healthy foods that should be watched out for before consuming them.

1. Cashew Nuts

Source = Healthline

You might not have thought of seeing cashew nuts on this list. But do you know cashew nuts are not nuts, but they are seeds? The shells of the cashew nuts are deadly and are coated with anacardic acid that could burn your skin if not handled properly. 

It shouldn’t be eaten raw, as it contains urushiol, a chemical that could be fatal if eaten in a large amount. It is also recommended to steam or cook cashews before consumption. Additionally, cashews might cause allergy to people who are sensitive to pistachio, peanut, and almond. 

2. Kidney Beans

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Kidney beans are food that resembles the human body part and are beneficial in many ways. But you might not know that this healthy food contains high levels of phytohemagglutinin that could be toxic. Undercooked kidney beans could cause nausea and diarrhea. 

Also, cooking kidney beans in a slow cooker makes them more toxic. If you like eating kidney beans, then use canned kidney beans. They are pre-cooked and could be eaten anytime. Eating kidney beans in a large amount could cause abdominal pain, block intestines, and diarrhea. 

3. Peanuts

Source = Hearstapps

Peanuts are a rich source of fiber, protein, and fats. Eating peanuts supports heart health, maintains weight, and manages blood sugar levels. It is a satisfying snack, but only if consumed in a limited quantity. Peanuts can be contaminated with Aspergillus flavus that produces aflatoxin. 

The symptoms of aflatoxin include a yellow discoloration of eyes and loss of appetite. It could also lead to liver failure and liver cancer. It also contains several antinutrients that could reduce nutritional value. If anyone is allergic to peanuts, then the ingestion of peanuts in any form could make him/her ill. 

4. Milk

Source = Healthline

When you were a kid, you must have heard parents telling you to drink milk thrice a day. But this habit doesn’t benefit you when you grow old. No doubt, milk is filled with several essential nutrients that benefit our health. It contains protein, potassium, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B12, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals. 

But you would be surprised to know that digesting milk is difficult. When it combines with other foods, it could cause stomach ache and heartburn. Also, raw milk is dangerous to consume. When the milk comes straight from the cow, it contains harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E.Coli.

5. Apple

Source = Cloudfront

The phrase ‘Eating an Apple a Day keeps the doctor away’ doesn’t fit here. Eating an apple in the evening could cause discomfort. It can also lead to gas formation and problems with bowel movements. 

If you like an apple, then eat it during morning hours. It could aid in weight loss, fight asthma, prevent cancer, and promote bone health. It contains pectin, which controls blood sugar levels. It is good for health but should not be consumed at night. It is hard to digest and could lead to acidity. 

6. Potatoes

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Eating potato improves bone health, maintains blood pressure, reduces inflammation, and assists in brain development. But eating raw potatoes could cause bloating and gastrointestinal effects. Baked potatoes increase the blood supply and provide it energy to function. Other than a baked potato, these foods also have weird effects on the brain

If raw potatoes are turned green, then it develops a toxin called solanine. It is very toxic, even in small amounts. Solanine could cause food poisoning symptoms. So, it is better to avoid eating raw potatoes. 

7. Nutmeg

Source = Zealthy

Nutmeg relieves pain, strengthens cognitive function, and reduces anxiety. It adds flavor to rice pudding and custard. 

But eating nutmeg in a large amount could cause nausea and convulsions. One of the serious side-effects of eating nutmeg could be death. Some people may experience hallucinations, irregular heartbeat, and problems like dizziness. 

8. Ackee

Source = Organicfacts

Ackee is an unusual fruit that you should taste at least once in your lifetime. It is the main food in Jamaica and has been used to treat fever and other diseases. The ripe Ackee is edible, but unripened fruit is toxic due to hypoglycins A and B. 

Hypoglycin may cause hypoglycemia and vomiting. Ackee seeds are poisonous. The US banned the imports of Ackee until 2005 when the FDA said that they would accept Ackee with a low dose of toxin. 

Final Words

So, next time when you consume these foods, make sure that you eat them in limited quantity and also at the right time. 

Do you know other healthy foods that might taste delicious but are not good for health when eaten wrongly and should be avoided? If so, then don’t forget to drop their names below. 


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