13 Types of Coffee That Every Coffee Lover Should Taste Once in Their Lifetime

If you are a coffee lover, then you would be amazed to know that coffee was first introduced in the 15th century, and still, it is the most favorite beverage in the world.

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13 Types of Coffee That Every Coffee Lover Should Taste Once in Their Lifetime

Coffee is undoubtedly the most favorite drink in the world. Every coffee lover finds the first sip of coffee sensational and incredible. Many people drink coffee to enjoy it for its health benefits or its rich culture. While some people are coffee addicted and couldn’t function without sipping, others find it harmful to health. 

It has been around centuries and is the world’s 2nd largest traded community. Coffee is considered as the best beverage to improve your productivity. Also, it is believed that a cup of coffee could reduce age-related inflammation. Whether you drink coffee once or twice a month, it is good for your health. 

You might not know, but Cappuccino and Espresso are not the only coffee flavors that are served most, but several types of coffee exist and are consumed around the world. Do you know that coffee comes from berries? Several coffee lovers do not know amazing facts about coffee. For instance, Brazil grows the most coffee in the world, and Finland consumes it the most. 

So, if you are a coffee addict and can sip coffee anytime, then below are types of coffee that you must try before you die.

1. Caffè Americano

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You would be amazed to know that American soldiers during WWII used to consume Caffè Americano. This coffee is made by diluting an espresso with hot water. 

The cream rises to the top and gives you a longer coffee drink. It could be prepared in several ways. While some find hot Caffè Americano delicious, others prepare iced Caffè Americano as a summer drink.

2. Flat White

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This delicious Flat White coffee consists of espresso with microfoam. It is usually served in a ceramic cup with a saucer. Flat White is compared to Latte but has less microfoam and a higher proportion of coffee to milk. 

This coffee style was first exported to the UK in 2005, and then in 2010, it was sold to the Starbucks franchise there. Later, this type of coffee was made available in Australian cafes. 

3. Mochaccino

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A Caffè mocha or better known as Mochaccino is a chocolate variant of Caffè latte. It is based on espresso and has hot milk with chocolate flavorings and a little sweetness. Its variant is white Caffè mocha and is prepared with white chocolate and not with milk. 

Another variant that is popularly served across the world is mochaccino. It is a double espresso shot and has a combination of steamed milk or chocolate milk. Some restaurants serve Mochaccino with the toppings of cinnamon, nutmeg, and whipped cream.

4. Vienna

Source = Tripadvisor

It is a traditional cream-based coffee beverage and is prepared by mixing two shots of black espresso in a coffee cup with whipped cream. The cream is twirled and topped off with chocolate. 

The Vienna melds with the smoothness of sugary cream and tastes delicious with whipped cream. The cream is added instead of milk and sugar to provide a creamy texture. This type of coffee sounds delicious. 

Vienna is also Austria’s most populous city and serves several types of coffee in coffee houses. So, if you are a coffee addict, then you must travel to Vienna to taste exotic flavors of coffee. Have you ever tasted Vienna? 

5. Affogato

Source = Thespruceeats

Affogato is a popular coffee-based dessert. It is a perfect treat to serve during summers. This delicious coffee is prepared by adding a scoop of vanilla with a double shot of espresso. Some variations of Affogato include a shot of Bicerin and amaretto. 

While some restaurants serve Affogato as a dessert, others categorize it as a beverage. So this summer, serve Affogato to your guests and also add a new recipe in your cookbook.

6. Piccolo Latte

Source = Whitehorsecoffee

Piccolo Latte is made in an espresso cup. Traditionally, it is served with silky and warm milk in a small latte glass. It is also commonly known as Mezzo - Mezzo and Spanish version Cataldo. 

To prepare Piccolo Latte, you would need one Ristretto shot of coffee and 100mls of textured and steamed milk. Several inventions have been made by coffee lovers. It is stronger than other types of coffee. So, if you love dark coffee flavors, then Piccolo Latte should be your choice.

7. Dalgona Coffee

Source = Insider

If you are an internet freak, then you must have come across this coffee challenge that is going viral on the internet. Dalgona coffee has now become a favorite of coffee lovers for several reasons. 

It is a beaten coffee and is prepared with milk, hot water, and ice cubes. Several people are preparing Dalgona coffee and posting videos on YouTube. 

8. Breve Coffee

Source = Thespruceeats

It is an American version of Latte. It is an espresso-based coffee that is prepared like a cappuccino and produces a creamy foam. It has more fat and cholesterol than the latte and is served majorly as a dessert. 

To make this scrumptious drink: half-and-half is first steamed and frothed. Then, pour a shot of espresso in a cup. Add half-and-half in a cup, holding back the foam. Now, spoon the foam on the top. It is richer and creamier than other coffee flavors. 

9. Frappuccino

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Frappuccino is prepared with coffee that is blended with ice and other ingredients. It is a combination of Frappe and cappuccino and consists of espresso coffee with frothed milk. Several versions of Frappuccino are served in the cafes. 

While some order Decaffeinated which consists of decaffeinated shots of coffee, others preferred Crème versions like Vanilla Crème and Mocha Crème. 

10. Turkish Coffee

Source = Thespruceeats

Serve your guest this authentic Turkish coffee and impress them with your coffee choice. This type of coffee is majorly enjoyed in the Middle East and is made in a long-handled pot made from brass. It is prepared with a finely grounded coffee. Brass ginger is used to obtain a powder as caster sugar. 

Sometimes cinnamon or cardamom is added to enhance its flavor. Sugar is added while brewing the coffee, so before you prepare it for anyone, ask if they want coffee to be sweetened or with a moderate sugar. Also, note that Turkish Coffee without foam doesn’t look like a coffee, so make a beautiful foam before serving it.

11. Cortado

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Cortado is a favorite beverage in Spain, Latin America, and is usually served as an afternoon drink. It consists of espresso coffee mixed with an equal amount of warm milk and is also the best drink to reduce acidity. The milk used in Cortado is steamed and not frothed and textured like other coffee flavors. 

Also, the milk is cooler but with the same consistency that is used in Latte. Cortado originates from Spain and is a popular choice of cafes in the world. It is stronger in taste. It is recommended to consume Cortado when you have acidity.

12. Filter Coffee

Source = Saffrontrail

Filter coffee was in the trend a long time back. It is prepared after keeping the coffee beans left to steep in hot or cold water. It is also known as Madras Kaapi or Mylapore filter coffee. It could be drunk with milk or as a simple black coffee. 

Filter coffee is most people’s favorite. However, the taste of filter coffee depends on the type of grounded coffee used. 

13. Long Black

Source = Singleo

Long Black coffee is majorly served in Australia and New Zealand. It tastes similar to Americano but has a stronger aroma and flavor. 

It is prepared by pouring a double shot of espresso over hot water. Long Black retains the creme and is less voluminous. The best way to prepare Long Black coffee is to pour water first and then add the double shot at the top. 

Final Words

Regardless of the time and place you are drinking coffee, what matters is how it smells and tastes. Next time, when you go to a cafe, do not order a regular coffee; instead, try different coffee flavors and satisfy your taste buds. 

Additionally, it is also reported that consuming caffeine every day protects the liver and colon and promotes longevity. 

How many types of coffee have you tasted? Do you know other types of coffee that we forgot to mention and taste delicious? If so, then share them here.


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