10 Most Technologically Advanced Cities in the World That are Inspiringly Impressive

These cities are pushing the boundaries and are impressing us with their advanced designs. Check out the most hi-tech cities in the world.

4 years ago
10 Most Technologically Advanced Cities in the World That are Inspiringly Impressive

Over the years, technology has made a great impact on the world. Both technology and the internet have helped us a lot in breaking the barriers between developing and developed cities. 

You would be shocked to know that by 2050, more people would live on earth than people currently living. Out of 10 billion, over 7 billion would depend on the infrastructure of the cities. So, it is important for cities to become modern and to use the best of technology to provide opportunities to people.

These cities have made innovative efforts in planning and architecture and have become the most technologically advanced cities in the world. The cities have used CCTV cameras, fingerprint scanners, and everything that could benefit their citizens. 

Do you want to know which cities have been considered as the fastest-growing hi-tech cities in the world? If yes, then scroll below. 

1. Tokyo

Source = Thetokenist

It is not surprising to say that Tokyo has been listed under the most technically advanced cities in the world. The city is a hub for startups and established companies. For several decades, Tokyo has manufactured innovative products and has attracted people from around the world. Unfortunately, due to foreign competitors, the city has lost much of its reputation. But still, Tokyo is the most demanding city in the electronics industry. 

Japan has the third-highest budget for research and development. Besides this, robot waiters and bullet trains impress people who visit Japan for the first time. Tokyo is home to world-famous companies like Casio, Sony, KDDI, and more. The public transport is completely controlled by artificial intelligence. 

Do you know the Olympic Games 2020 would be hosted by Tokyo? Japan is preparing a cutting edge facial recognition program to aid security. The system will screen over 300,000 people, athletes, and other members. Also, the Olympic medals would be made from recycled, donated metal phones. The city is following modern trends and investing in an emerging setup with innovative ideas. 

If you are planning to visit Tokyo anytime soon, then don’t forget to check in a dorm-style hostel that is designed from sleeper train carriages. Also, if you have extra cash, then here are some ludicrous ways on how you can spend money in Japan. You could also hire a person for a day to give you company on your solo trip. 

2. Singapore

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Singapore is turning into the Silicon Valley of the region. It has also become a top modern Asian City. Lee Kuan Yew (first PM) has contributed a lot in making Singapore one of the richest places in the world. Singapore is now focusing on robotics and is planning to make it over $85billion industry in the coming years. 

Do you know Singapore invested over $160 billion in the last five years on technologies and has implemented a super fast broadband network and free Wi-Fi for all? Furthermore, the city has also implemented advanced visual CCTV and innovative outdoor lighting systems. 

Supertree Grove here is an eco-friendly park designed with large canopies that provide shade in the day and show an amazing light and sound at night. Singapore has partnered with MIT to build smart transportation for private cars and public trains. The city is also known as Lion’s City or Garden’s City and has a first-class education system and strict laws on crime. 

The city has introduced new infrastructure, including Green Heart. It is a huge 376,000 square foot project that includes waterfalls, a web of lush trees, and a multi-level public garden. Singapore looks like the most expensive country, but it is one of the cheapest countries to visit. It has parks, underground malls, and other places that could be visited for free. 

3. Bangalore

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Bangalore or Bengaluru is one of the most technologically advanced cities in India. The city is home to several domestic and international companies and has given job opportunities to thousands of young Indians. The number of domestic companies in Bangalore is increasing day by day. The locals here are starting their companies with big ideas and turning into entrepreneurs themselves. 

Bangalore has surpassed many global cities like Shenzhen in the list. Entrepreneurs from around the world are making Bengaluru a go-to place for everyone. It was in 1983 when Infosys and other big companies moved here, and India’s IT industry started to develop and grow. 

You might find central Bangalore a bit of a village with street vendors and small shops. But as you move out, the tech and biotech parts are expanding. At Bangalore’s Bioinnovation Center, scientists are working on how to heal wounds quickly and how to predict epilepsy attacks. 

4. Shanghai

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Shanghai is one of the world’s top financial hubs. Zhangjiagang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai has thousands of tech companies and has employed over 100,000 tech workers. It is first to build the world’s fastest commercial trains. The city is home to 14 million people and has one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. 

Shanghai has the headquarters of popular companies like Huawei and Tencent. The Pudong Economic Zone in Shanghai was created for overseas investments and has been successful in generating economic capital in Shanghai. China has invested billions in building infrastructure projects. Here are more futuristic projects by China that would leave people amazed. 

It is also reported that China’s Aerospace Science and Industry Company is planning to develop flying trains and has also passed the first test. China’s flying trains would be ten times faster than the fastest bullet train. It would travel four times as commercial flights. Besides bullet trains, these future means of transport have turned the world upside down. 

Shanghai is China’s most populous city and has changed much with time to make accommodations for people. The city offers several attractions for tourists. The Shanghai museum features prehistoric cultures, ink drawings, a collection of art, and a gift shop.

5. London

Source = Cdn.cnn

The large portion of the city is architectural, but a few new portions with skyscrapers have been incorporated in the city. The city is growing in the banking sector and start-up tech business. 

The city has introduced contactless payments through Debit cards. It also has Wi-fi at most tube stations. East London has the world’s third-largest technology cluster and has been named as the most powerful city in the world. In 2012, London was ranked sixth for its communication services, transport, and electricity and water supply. 

London has over 45,000 digital tech firms that are spread around Camden, Westminster, and other parts. The city focuses more on artificial intelligence and blockchain. A few popular companies like Barclays, Monzo, Revolt, and others have headquarters in London. 

From 2010, the local and national government supported its growth and created a cluster comparable to Silicon Valley in the USA. A few companies like Facebook, Intel, and Microsoft have invested in this area. But before you enter into London, ead about these weird British laws that you could break unknowingly.  

6. New York

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New York is the center of high technology. It is the leading city in fashion, arts, and advertising, and is turning into one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. New York is home to over 7000 tech companies and has provided more than 100,000 jobs. 

The city is home to the world’s largest stock exchange and has a wealth of approximately $23.1 trillion. The city also invests in saving technology, air quality management, and has been smarter and cleaner than other nearby cities. 

New York has also launched an integrated citywide technology, LinkNYC. It is a free Wi-fi service that is available for public use. You can find offices of Twitter, IBM, WeWork, here. 

If you ever plan to visit New York, then don’t forget to visit the Statue of Liberty, central park, Rockefeller Center, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The cathedral is the classic example of the Gothic Revival. The Statue of Liberty is one of the most renowned statues around the world and weighs approximately 450,000 pounds. 

7. Seoul

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The capital of South Korea, Seoul, is another most technologically advanced city in the world. The city has high-speed internet routers that are integrated into street lights. Seoul has great museums and incredibly designed architecture. South Korea has been ranked first for its tech density, research & development, and productivity. 

The city is not only known for its infrastructure, but also for the culture of embracing technology. It also offers courses on how to make the best use of technologies and smart devices. Coffee is prepared by robots here, and also you could order products at virtual supermarkets at the bus stop. Seoul is the largest city by area and measures 10400 sq km.

Don’t you think robots have already transformed into humans? They could dance, share emotions, and also prepare a coffee for you. The city is referred to be the best city of the future and also the hub for the tech-startups. 

8. San Francisco

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The city is one of the most advanced cities in America. San Francisco has an array of talent and has several success stories. It has hundreds of tech-startup companies and several industry leaders like Google and Facebook in the community of Silicon Valley. 

Though overcrowding is the biggest problem in the city when it comes to transport and pollution, the city is continuously progressing and would come up with the solution for this in a few years. San Francisco develops advanced computer software and hardware. The offices of famous companies like HP, Facebook, and Intel are located here. 

A silicon-based integrated circuit, microcomputer, and other technologies are developed here. You would be amazed to know that NASA’s Ames Research Institute is also situated here. San Francisco is the hub of everything in America, if not in the world. It is a breathtakingly colorful place you would want to visit again. Silicon Valley, in the Southern part of San Francisco, is the global center for social media and innovation. 

There is a strong connection between people and technology; therefore, the headquarters of several companies are the biggest spot for tourism. The Golden Gate Bridge is the most photographed location here. The bridge was once designated as the greatest man-made sight in the United States by a travel service. Cable Cars here are an excellent way for tourists to explore the city.

9. Amsterdam

Source = Iamsterdam

Amsterdam has over 15,000 of IT companies. The city turns into a host for incubator programs and tech conferences that boost Amsterdam’s position as a star hub. Amsterdam has no language barrier as compared to other cities. 

Everyone here speaks English, so you can live and work here. It is a technology-driven city and makes it the best area to start and flourish. It has several resources for those who want to work independently or start a company. 

Furthermore, the city is known for bike-friendly streets. Amsterdam's street furniture is made from plastic waste. The city has inspired several urban design ideas that are adopted by many countries. 

It has ferries, trams, and trains, which reduces traffic and allows people to move freely throughout the city. Amsterdam is the city to have the best work-life balance. According to reports, only 0.5% of people here do extra hours. Employees here do not focus only on work but also spend time to explore the city and on their hobbies. 

So, if you work in the tech industry, then why not forward a resume in one of Amsterdam’s best tech companies? The cultural life of Amsterdam could also be explored anytime. The city is full of music and theatres that could be experienced after work.

10. Los Angeles

Source = Cdn.britannica

Los Angeles is the top city when it comes to online media and gaming. The city has great schools like USC and Caltech and gives more engineers than any other city. In 2015, the city saw over $900 million investment in social media and start-ups. LA is home to Hyperloop and SpaceX

Earlier, Hollywood was the main attraction of the city, but social websites like e-harmony and MySpace made the city the third leading entrepreneurial hub. It is also one of the costliest cities in the world, so make sure that you save enough when you plan to travel to LA. 

If you ever plan to travel to LA, then visit the city during summer or autumn. It has beautiful museums, family attractions, beaches, and other neighboring cities to explore. Universal Studios Theme Park is the most famous tourist attraction in the city. 

Final Words

Every day, there come several new technologies to help people and to reduce their efforts. Does your city have the above technologies? If not, which technology would you want to be added to your city? You can ask for the technologies that are saving a lot of money and time

Not only are these cities promising a great future, but these futuristic cities would also bring a lot of change in the coming years. 

Have you ever visited any of these cities? How was your experience? Did the technologies used by them impress you? Share your views below. 


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